She’s Daddy’s Little Girl

I remember times in the past when Jennye would apologize for Katelyn being a girl. I guess she assumed that since she was not a boy, I would love her less. Not true at all. Katelyn is the love of my life (besides her mommy, of course!). I wouldn’t have it otherwise. She’s so precious, and when I’m on the road driving, I always find myself thanking God for giving us Katelyn Rose.

She’s definitely Daddy’s little girl. When she cries, she wants to go to Daddy. When she’s scared of everybody else, she wants to go to Daddy. When she’s trying to sleep, she wants to fall asleep in Daddy’s hands.

One thing I think is endearing is that when we’re lying together in bed, she rests her head on my chest and just stays there. Makes me feel so loved. I can tell she really adores me. I adore her too!

So, do I wish my first child should have been a boy? Not a chance. Katelyn Rose is irreplaceable!

→ Posted on September, 2008 by Daddy
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One Response to “She’s Daddy’s Little Girl”

  1. auntie leslie =)-- -- -- August 14th, 2009 11:16 pm

    awww thats nice =)

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